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Calling subscreen as popup


I am new to dialog programming. I have a requirement to open a pop-up screen to get some values as input and execute them on click of 'save' button. Once processed, a message should be shown on top or bottom of the same screen. Also, the screen has another button 'cancel' to close the popup.

I created a new (normal) screen with input controls and showed it by using 'CALL SCREEN <SCRNO> STARTING.....'. But, i find the toolbar icons of the parent screen displaying in the bottom of the popup screen as shown in screenshot. Also, unable to close this normal screen by calling 'LEAVE SCREEN' (Is set screen mandatory before calling this ?). This might be very basic question/issue that i am not aware. Please help to solve this. Also, any good links on dialog programming will also be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

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3 Answers

  • Apr 27, 2017 at 06:48 AM


    You should create new GUI-status for this popup screen and set your buttons Save and Cancel to it. Set this status in PBO for the popup screen


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  • Apr 27, 2017 at 07:57 AM

    Don't add pushbuttons to the popup-dynopro, but define the dynpro of type 'modal dialog box', create a Status of type 'Dialog Box' with the required icons/functions (Cancel, Save)

    The LEAVE SCREEN will be 'efficient' or not without SET SCREEN depending on the NEXT SCREEN attributes you input at creation of the new dynpro. If the NEXT SCREEN nimber is the current dynpro number (usual case) a SET SCREEN 0 followed by LEAVE SCREEN (or LEAVE TO SCREEN 0) will be required to go back to previous dynpro in the stac

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  • Apr 27, 2017 at 07:52 AM
    1. A screen displayed as a popup must be defined with type "dialog box", not as "general". It will maybe solve the issue of buttons.
    2. If you want to set other buttons, same answer than Evgeny, define a GUI status with these buttons, and activate it during the PBO of the screen using SET PF-STATUS 'NAME'.
    3. To leave a screen displayed using CALL SCREEN, you should use SET SCREEN 0 (zero is a special value). To word it more precisely, CALL SCREEN starts a "screen sequence" (the screen may change in the screen sequence using SET SCREEN), and the screen sequence can be left using SET SCREEN 0.
    4. You have many demo programs using ABAPDOCU transaction code.
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