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Extended HCM Integration (write data back to HCM system)

Apr 27, 2017 at 09:45 AM


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Hi experts,

out there are some threads regarding how to push back data back from IDM to HCM system (adopt BADI_EXTEND_IDENTITY and Modify-Plugin in IDM and then use PRIV:FUNCTION_SET...:HR_COMMUNICATION privilege from Business Suite Connector). Unfortunatley they don't go that deep in detail or give examples, hence I've to questions:

- For instance I want to provisioning Infotyp 105 E-Mail from IDM to HCM, how has the connector plugin to be modified and what changes are required for the BAdI?

- We also want to create the User ID (MSEYVALUE) in IDM. How is it possible to write that information back to HCM, because in my understanding the PlugIn doesn't use the personnel number for matching between IDM and HCM employee dataset. The Modify-PlugIn is usually used for SU01 accounts and therefore apply logonuid (MSKEYVALUE) for mapping.



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2 Answers

Matt Pollicove
Apr 27, 2017 at 12:31 PM

Hi Jan,

Yes, Infotype 105 can be updated from IDM as you describe, take a look here:

There's also a note (1461395) that might help as well.

Updating other attributes from IDM -> HCM is somewhat more complicated. HCM systems are usually not configured to take updates from IDM. You'll need to talk to your HCM team about how to arrange an import. You'll probably need to generate a CSV file with MSKEYVALUE and some other unique value that's in HCM so that you they can do the update.

Hope this helps!



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Jan Schabowski May 05, 2017 at 12:43 PM

Thanks Matt and sorry for late respsonse,

meanwhile I started to set up a demo scenario with ABAP HCM and IDM 8.0 (isn't ready now) and I found this page:

Fortunately we don't want to write back any other attributes. But is it really that easy (just adding the set_function-priv to an identity)? I assumed even standard attributes as e-mail, fax and user ID have to be adopt in Connector-Plug-In and the BAdI.

Kind regards,


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