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Dec 21, 2006 at 11:47 AM

Alternative for extractor 2LIS_02_S013 Vendor Evaluation InfoCube 0PUR_C02


Hi BW Gurus

Could some one advise me any alternative for 2LIS_02_S013 (Vendor Evaluation).

Vendor evaluation data is required for my customer.

At present 0PUR_C02 (Vendor evaluation) deactivated. due to miss match of fields S013, S013BIW1 and S013BIW2.

We are facing MIGO posting error update terminated. Now i had deactivated S013 at LBW0.

We already tried as per SAP note Note 115192 and 818652.

But thre is no use.

Look forward to your valuble replays and points will be awareded .