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Dec 21, 2006 at 06:39 AM

Non Cumulative Infocube Compression


Hi All,

Presently we have a problem with Non cumulative infocube comression.

It is like: Presently Non Cumulative infocube contains 2 years of data and we are extracting data from two datasources (2LIS_03_BX AND 2LIS_03_BF) since 2years it has not been compressed.

Now we are going to do the comprresion

It is like : <b><b>2LIS_03_BX</b> <b>Init load</b> <b>compreesing</b> <b>with marker update</b> <b>(not selecting check box).</b></b>

<b> 2LIS_03_BF init load copressing without marker update (selecting check box)</b>

<b> 2LIS_03_BF delta load compressing with marker update(not selecting check box)</b>

<b>2LIS_03_BX delta upload compressing without marker update(selecting check box)</b>

Here my doubt is in between delta loads there are some full uploads from 2LIS_03_BF datasource how can i copress this full uploads from 2LIS_03_BF req's?

Please help me it is quiet urget.