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Dec 21, 2006 at 06:17 AM

BEx WAD configuration in EP.



Our team is developing a project in VC. We require a web template from BEx WAD to be imported in VC.

For this purpose we created a web template in WAD and while saving, it throwed an error. (Portal communication failed error). So, through this blog in forum /thread/209395 [original link is broken] , we followed the steps of BI configuration in EP.

Since the moment we reached a step of "importing certificates - BI" related to SSO, our EP and VC logon got affected. We are unable to logon. On giving the user id and password the screen just refreshes and shows the same logon page. No error message is displayed. Shows a kind of looping of logon page and not any error text.

Now since no error is thrown, dont know the way to solve the issue. Just tried deleting the imported certificates and that does not work.

Have any 1 faced such an issue? Pls post ur ideas or experiences related to this issue ASAP.