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Former Member

sap.ui.table.TreeTable with oData: Prevent leafs having an expand icon

Hi all,

I try to use sap.u.table.TreeTable to show a hierarchy provided by an Odata service. I bind the data to the treetable in my controller like this:

 path : "/HierarchyElementSet",
 filters : oFilters,
 parameters : {	navigation : {'HierarchyElementSet' : 'ChildNodes'}}

I define the treetable in a xml view like this:

<t:TreeTable id="parameter1TreeTable" selectionMode="Single" enableColumnReordering="true" expandFirstLevel="true" title="test">
  <t:Column label="{i18n>ElemID}">
   <t:template><Text text="{ElemId}" /></t:template>
  <t:Column id="ElemTextId" label="{i18n>ElemText}">
   <t:template><Text text="{ElemText}" /></t:template>

With this configuration my treetable looks like this:


My problem is that also the leafs (SP and SW) have a plus sign indicating to be expandable - although there are no children below them:

  • How can I prevent the leafs to have the expand icon?
  • Is there also a way to change the expand icon from +/- to >?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards


test.png (1.6 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Apr 26, 2017 at 02:54 PM

    UI5 version? its working for me for 1.28 and 1.38 UI5 versions.

    I believe this is not a bug nor your code issue, its all about data structure, just verify your data once again.

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    • Former Member

      Do I have to remove the navigation property from my backend service, when using the treeAnnotations property?

      Perhaps this causes the "no-data" problem?

      As you can see in my controller I commented it out:

      				path : "/HierarchyElementSet",
      				events : {
                          dataRequested: function (oEvent) { oTreeTable.setBusy(true); },
                          dataReceived: function (oEvent) { oTreeTable.setBusy(false); }
      				filters : oFilters,
      				parameters : {
      					navigation : {
      						'HierarchyElementSet' : 'ChildNodes'
      					countMode: 'Inline',
      					treeAnnotationProperties : {
      						hierarchyLevelFor : 'HierLevel',
      						hierarchyNodeFor : 'SeqNr',
      						hierarchyParentNodeFor : 'ParentId',
      						hierarchyDrillStateFor : 'DrillDownState'

      But in my service implementation in the backend there is still a navigation property (although I am not using it):