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Dec 20, 2006 at 07:05 PM

Identifying source of entry in a cube



We have this cube with a characteristic, Color Indicator, X. When I did run listcube to see contents of Cube there was only one number ($59,000.30) without the indicator, X.

Incidentally, the users are complaining a GL entry of $59,000.30 on the R3 is not showing up on their BEx reports.

I verified the entry on the R3 side and it does not appear that the “X” concept is in R3.

What is the best way to at least assign the letter “X” to this number for test purpose to see if it will show up in the BEx report?

I suspected some type of mapping, where can I possible see this?

Also, how do I see the data exactly as it came from R3 before all the rules/mappings in BW came into effect?

I will appreciate if for any guide you give, you provide the steps to see it on BW.