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Work olecustomcontrols in 64 bit applications?


has anyone tried to use olecustomcontrols in 64 bit PB apps?

When I use olecustomcontrols it works fine in 32 bit, from PB and from executable.

If I compile the same app in 64 bit the olecustomcontrol is not working. It seems that the object won't be created. Accessing any property or function leads to the "Error accessing external..." error.

Regarding to the PB help it is necessary to have the 32 bit version registered for development and the 64 bit at executiontime. The 32 and 64 bit have the same name.

I even tried it with an COM visible .Net assembly compiled with any cpu flag and registered under 32 and 64 bit. That also only works with 32 bit.

To determine which dll PB tries to load, I used procmon. Starting the 32 bit executable it is using the correct 32 bit dll. Starting the 64 bit executable, it seems that the app isn't even searching for the dll. Under 32 bit I can see which dll is searched and in what places. Under 64 bit there is nothing like that.

So it looks like the olecustomcontrol isn't working under 64 bit, or am I missing something?

If I use an olecontrol and inserting a control with insertObject() and then selecting the control it works fine under 32 and 64 bit. It shows the same window like that one in PB when insterting an olecustomcontrol, with the difference that under 64 bit only 64 bit controls are shown. Trying to add an object with insertClass ( ... ) works, despite the control ins't really usable. Using an olecontrol isn't an option because I don't have access to the events in PB which I have to code.

Im using PB 12.6 Build 4058.

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