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Dec 20, 2006 at 03:16 PM

Need your help on these 4 doubtful FI Questions



Which of the Following statements about automatic payment are correct ?

a. In automatic payment procedures, all incoming invoices as of the second dunning level are paid automatically

b. Direct debiting or bank collection can be used in automatic payment procedures to clear customer invoices

c. Open items posted to G/L accounts can be cleared using the payment program

d. Special G/L transactions(down payment)can be posted using the payment program

e. The payment program can pay vendor invoices using wire transfers and checks

Question #2:

. Imagine the following scenario:A company wants to execute a payment run on a daily basis and process several company codes at the same time. If the amount exceeds US$ 1000, the vendors are to be paid by bank transfer, amounts less than US$ 1000 are to be paid by check. The customer has two house banks and wants all checks to be processed by bank A and all¡¦

a. You store variants for print programs within customizing. Here you can specify that the information is to be output to a data carrier

b. You specify, per house bank, whether payments are to be made by check only or also by transfer

c. You specify the payment method from within the application,in the master record

d. The payment proposal of the automatic payment program can only be displayed

e. You can precisely schedule the print program from within the application

Question #3: According th which criteria does the payment program determine and select open items:

a. posting date and baseline date

b. document date and posting date

c. baseline date and payment terms

d. posting date and cash discount periods

e. posting date and payment terms

Question #4:

where are posting periods defined? (SINGLE) -


a. Posting period variant

b. Fiscal year variant

c. Field status variant.

d. Closing period variant.