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Dec 20, 2006 at 11:31 AM

Business Data Toolset / Func. mod. BUP_BUPA_BUT000_COLLECT



I have done an append to table BUT000 and added a timestamp field that I want to update when changing a business partner using trans FPP2. This should not be an input field in the screen just an update with SY-DATUM and SY-UZEIT. I have used the Business Data Toolset (trans BUPT)and event DTAKE and created an own function module. In this function module I'm using function module BUP_BUPA_BUT000_GET to read BUT000 data from memory, then I populate the timestamp field.

But then I have problems when using function module BUP_BUPA_BUT000_COLLECT.. I'm exporting BUT000 as parameter I_SUBNAME and the new table values as I_BUT000. The function module BUP_BUPA_BUT000_COLLECT is reading "gt_appli" with 'PSCM' and then I get return code 4 and the a check is done that I_SUBNAME <> BUT000 and I'm out of the function module and no update is done..?? Is there someone that knows why the function module is reading gt_appli with 'PSCM' ? Am I not allowed to change BUT000 in this way?

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