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History Data Archival

Dear Friends,

I am having a business scenario here:

i) We are having an existing ECC 6.0, EHP 0 installation with around 18 yrs of transactional data, where majority of the datas reside in Z Tables.

ii) We are planning for S/4 HANA Upgrade in the pipeline and also thinking of doing archival of around 10 yrs of historical data.

As the inherent feature of S/4 HANA, it results in reduction in storage size which the system will take care for standard table entries, but I believe not for the data in Z Tables.

Should I consider executing the archival project before going for the S/4HANA upgrade or It will not make any significant storage usage change since the major data is in Z Tables. Kindly share your suggestions.

Warm Regards,

Harish Kumar Haridasakurup

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3 Answers

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    May 25, 2017 at 01:36 PM

    I can tell you that it is in general possible to archive data from Z-tables and you can find a lot information with Google by just using this 2 words as search term: archive z-tables

    SAP has a 2 trainings for data archiving BIT660 and BIT670

    But a technical ability alone cannot replace the business context. Nobody from outside your company knows what is in those Z-tables, so nobody can honestly give you an advice whether you should archive or keep it, no matter how big it is. Certainly a consumption of 60% of all storage space should be a good trigger to think about archiving concepts. But archiving projects needs teams who understand the technical and functional aspects, need to know from what application the data is produced and what people do with this data later and for how long. The team has to define if it is worth to keep the data and if yes for how long, has to determine whether users need to be able to read this data from an archive and if this is only needed with a technical view (SE16 like) or whether it has to be in a nice user interface. They have to understand if this data is independent of other data or in close connection. (The best brain stops working if the heart doesn't pump blood or the lunges don't breath anymore)

    All this and much more, even legal aspects, are taught in the above mentioned training

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  • May 03, 2017 at 06:08 AM

    Archiving makes always sense, not just when one migrates to S4/HANA.

    As we do not know anything about your Z-object, neither how many percentage of the total storage it uses , nor how many Terabyte you have in total nor how this table is used at all in your daily business. So there is not much more to say than the I said in the initial sentence.

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  • May 25, 2017 at 05:34 AM

    Hi Mr. Jurgen,

    Thank you for the input. Our total storage usage comes to ~ 3 TB of data out of which 60% comes in Z table data. I hope you could suggest me a good option to proceed further. .

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