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Apr 26, 2017 at 10:29 AM

Condition Value IV01 cannot be copied from PI01 in a cross-company business process


Dear Experts,

For a cross-company code business process, during intercompany billing, the value for the cross-company-code condition types, PI01 or IV01, are generally determined from the relevant master record.

Now my requirement is, the value of the Billing condition type IV01 should be copied from that of the SO condition type PI01.

I have referred to the note 195094 and 24832, and done the relevant modification by customization and enhancement. Please see the following the screenshots.

However, the enhancement did not come into force. The value of IV01 in the Billing still updated from master record(VK13), instead of copying from PI01 in SO.

I would be so appreciated if anyone could give some help.


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