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Dec 20, 2006 at 07:49 AM

customizing request & workbench request


What is the difference b/w customizing request & workbench request

I have 3 clients with same server

Client 200, 300,400

200à sand box



when in LBWE for example I take 2lis_11_vahdr and click on Maintainence & I have selected some fields from communication structure then it ask me for request I gave it as BW Sd sales

then I clicked on 2lis_11_vahdr then again it asks for request no(i.e., customizing request) I gave it as ECDK901599 (BW Datasrc Sd sales )

then I login to 300 client

Clicked on the maintainence I can see the fields which I have added from communication structure to extract structure ,then I clicked on 2lis_11_vahdr it asks me for the request name I try to give the same request which I gave in client 200 i.e BW Datasrc Sd sales Request ECDK901599 (ABAP1) belongs to a different client

Then I have created one more request like BW Datasrc 300 SD Sales then it gives me the error 2LIS_11_VAITM is locked in request/task ECDK901600

Is it that only I should select whatever fields I want (by clicking on Maintainence ) in client 200 & do customizing i.e clicking in the datasrc (selection,hide etc in 300 client)