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Dec 20, 2006 at 05:41 AM



Hi Friends,

Please could you clarify this.

To configure yahoo Email to portal , need to inport Appintegrator.par file in to portal, why do i need to do this?

Acually what is the role of Appintegrator.par?

Do i need to import this for every web Sysem, and do i need to configure for Yahoo only?

While configuring the Web system for yahoo, we are providing the parameters for generic iView like

URL template : <System.protocol>://<System.server><System.uri>?<Authentication>

URL template fraction for user mapping: login=<MappedUser>&passwd=<MappedPassword>

what are they and what does it mean, where and who creating this? and why do we need to give these parameters?

is this integrator.par file only for yahoo, or can i use this for google, hotmail and other Emails....?