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storage location control for storage type

Apr 26, 2017 at 07:49 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have issue in my depot warehouse, where we are maintaining one warehouse with two plants and multiple SLOC and for each SLOC we have created separate storage type.




Like this we have created various SLOC and St. type.

My question is that while transferring once SLOC to another SLOC using mvt type 311, I want to make default st. type for each SLOC.

Could you please help or advise.

Thanks in advance


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2 Answers

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Raghu Govindarajan Apr 26, 2017 at 07:28 PM

In IMG (SPRO) go to Logistics Execution -> Warehouse Management -> Interfaces -> Inventory Management -> Define Storage Location Control. The IMG Activity Documentation against this is pretty comprehensive and quite easy to follow too - with examples and follow on activities for the Automatic creation of Transfer Posting TOs, etc. I would suggest that you look at that, and then if you have specific questions, then ask those and I could help answer more focussed questions.

The one thing you might have trouble with using 311 is you indicate that you have more than one plant. You might want to consider using 301 movements instead in that case.

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Manish Kumar Apr 26, 2017 at 11:21 AM

Storage location are not tied with any storage type also 311 is logical transfer in the system only

if your business requirement to keep the PQRS storage location stock separately into PQR storage type and CDRF storage location stock separately into CDF storage type

then you need to perform this activity in two step again this depend on the business process

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Former Member

Thanks Manish,

I know 311 is logical transfer as per same SLOC in warehouse. But this is clients requirements. while transferring one SLOC to another SLOC(CDEF) it should go to CDF storage type only

can we achieve this, if yes pls advise the steps to follow




Yes this is possible however you need to perform this into two step, first transfer the stock out using movement type 313 from the source storage location which will create TR, create TO against TR and move the stock out from source storage type to 921/UML-ZONE

then use movement type 315 to receive the stock into destination storage location which will create TR.Create Transfer order against the TR and receive into destination storage type

you can configure your putaway strategy and additional movement type to make it default / automatic as per your requirement