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Apr 26, 2017 at 07:52 AM

SAPUI5 - GANTT - Calendar in backround - CalendarDef max. amount of Dates is 100


Hi all,

i'm working with the SAPUI5 Gantt-Chart and want to visualize via the CalendarDefs the weekends and freeday from workingcalendar.

This works, BUT i could only visualize the first 100 entries. After the last 100 the lines are no more visualized.

Does anybody know if there is an fix limitation or if i'm doing something wrong?

You can see the grey lines in the background.

My implementation looks like this:

				defs: {
					path: "data>/calendar",
					template: new Calendar({
						key: "{data>id}",
						backgroundColor: "@sapNeutralColor",
						timeIntervals: {
							path: "data>data",
							templateShareable: true,
							template: new{
								startTime: "{data>startTime}",
								endTime: "{data>endTime}"

Can anybody help me in this topic?

Thank you and kind regards,