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Dec 19, 2006 at 08:31 PM

Stuck in eu_import1 ecc6 upgrade


Hello all,

I am not having much luck with our first test upgrade. Already once I have scratched and started again. The first time through, I was able to get past the eu_import1 phase (I think by patching SAPUP). This time it seems futile.

Here is the some of the eu_import1 log:

4 ETQ291 Database operation "TABLE-EXISTANCE-TEST" completed successfully

4 ETQ307 No import tables exist on database

4 ETQ276 Executing SQL-script "INDTEST.D4A"

2 ETQ277 SQL-script "INDTEST.D4A" executed successfully

A list of files (some missing some found) ….

4 ETQ399 not found tab/ind: DYNPTXTLD DYNPTXTLD&0

4 ETQ399 not found tab/ind: O2PAGINC O2PAGINC&0

4 ETQ399 not found tab/ind: O2PAGRT O2PAGRT&0

4 ETQ399 not found tab/ind: REPOLOAD REPOLOAD&0

4 ETQ245 Starting variable substitution in import control files

4 ETQ246 Variable substitution in import control files completed

1EETQ204 Upgrade phase "EU_IMPORT1" aborted with severe errors ("20061219143538")

another log:

Directory: /usr/sap/put/log


>>EU_IMPORT ERROR:: no logfile /usr/sap/put/log/EX000000.TPR found.

The end of the sapup.log is:

  1. Reading Parameter File "/usr/sap/put/bin/EU_IMTSK.CLT" at 20061219143525

  2. Reading Parameter File "/usr/sap/put/bin/EU_IMTSK.LLT" at 20061219143538

..finished at 20061219143538 with SEVERE ERROR(S).

...begin dialogue at 20061219143538

I can’t find anything in any log to give me an idea of what is wrong.

For background, we are on a new I5 570 with V5R4. The source system is a copy of our 46C production system.

Has anyone had this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.