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Dec 19, 2006 at 08:26 PM

Hierarchy filter not working properly


Hi All,

I have one query for employees timesheet hrs...having one standard hierarchy for cost center. I have excluded few cost centers numbers in selection cireria in query design.

now when i execute query ....

1. execute normal - the way it is. works fine. shows total perfectly right.

2. now i want to swap standard hierarchy with cost center function. - that is also works fine. total is correct. (total is shown per region)

3. now when i filter the cost center by perticular regions - like east/west/ doesnt show total as it supposed to be. for east - it shows right total while for western it shows more...its not consistent.

is that mean that it is using those cost center numbers which i excluded from list ? why the total is not consistent...why the hierarchy is not working properly ?

I will assign the points to any help.

Thank You,