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Dec 19, 2006 at 05:08 PM

Execution time issues with SU01 demo script


Having worked with Scripting in a Box for a while now I wanted to try out the examples there. I read FM: SO_USER_LIST_READ or another one explaining why my attempt to narrow the returned users failed (Craig, did you find out why the functionality was removed?) and issue-with-scripting-in-a-box seeing that Harry had the same problems with only ~200 users in his system. However, Craig's original post states he successfully managed with over 400 users. I'm a bit confused...

I included some simple timing stuff and found out that processing of one user in the loop takes about 1.7 seconds - little surprise then that every script times out. This seems to be due to the additional calls to GetStatus() and GetValid() - by commenting them out I get the whole list rather quickly.

Unfortunately commenting them out also means no nice icons for 'Status' and 'Valid', which is not desired. I probably could create a Z FM to deliver me the userlist with these two fields already added (which would save on rfc-calls, assuming the operation is much quicker on the server directly), but I hoped to get a solution based purely on PHP, not own ABAP coding (being aware that Craig also used a Z FM anyway, but still...)

I'm a bit unsure now how easy it is to actually create useful frontends in PHP, with such long execution times. I assume this will happen in other occasions as well, not only for user lists. Is there an alternative? Or a general way to do those things quicker?