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Former Member
Dec 19, 2006 at 04:04 PM

What is the preferred relationship between ORCT and RCT1?


When I perform joins between the ORCT (Incoming Payments) and RCT1 (Checks) tables, which of the following conditions should I use:

ORCT.DocEntry = RCT1.DocNum


ORCT.DocNum = RCT1.DocNum

If you add the tables ORCT and RCT1 in the Query Generator it automatically adds the second one, DocNum = DocNum.

However, ORCT.DocEntry is the primary key of ORCT and it is the same as ORCT.DocNum in the cases I've tested.

The reason I ask is that in the marketing documents, you always use OQUT.DocEntry = QUT1.DocEntry which both happen to be the primary keys of their respective tables.