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Former Member
Dec 19, 2006 at 03:23 PM

Standard TP Job malfunction in CRM


Hello All,

In the in system, Often the standard TP job stops.

System Environment:

CRM 3.0 with support pack 14

In the TP log, the following message is displayed:

ERROR: Background job RDDIMPDP could not be started or terminated abnormally.

Please check that the R/3 system is running.

Please check the system. Use transactions SM21, SM37, SM50.

WARNING: (This warning is harmless if no further warnings follow.)

WARNING: System PCP. Warning.

This happens very frequently like once in two weeks at random time. After this basis person has to run the ABAP program RDDNEWPP in client 000 using DDIC user manually to make it work.

How can i prevent this occuring often? What causes them to stop? This happens only in this CRM system . Any help will be greatly appreciated.