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Dec 19, 2006 at 10:23 AM

Creating consumers in CRM and R/3



We are currently looking at mapping Consumers from CRM to R/3 and vice versa. We would like to be able to create consumers in CRM which replicate into R/3 and also create consumers in R/3 which replicate to CRM. However we understand that in R/3 only one 'Consumer' account group can exist. As default in R/3 the consumer account group is 0170. Is it true that the R/3 account group 0170 is classed as a consumer because the 'Consumer' checkbox is ticked?

We thought the following would work but it doesn't so any tips would be great.

In R/3 we have created a new account group Z170 which is a copy of

account group 0170.

In R/3 transaction PIDE we have mapped the following:

CRM > R/3: Classification: E = Consumer:Person to the R/3 account group


R/3 > CRM: Mapped the account group Z170 to Classification E=

Consumer:Person with external number range assigned.

We then go into R/3 to create a new BP in transaction XD01, we seelct

the account group Z170 but we noticed the screen fields does not

say 'Person'. Also after creating this BP we check in CRM that it has

been replicated, it has been replicated but the BP has been created

with roles 'Sold to Party' etc and not maintained in role 'Consumer'.

We have mapped the R/3 account group Z170 to classification E so we

assume it will be replicated into CRM as a consumer.