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Dec 19, 2006 at 10:05 AM

SAP Namespace Convensions .NET development


In the help file of DI API I see the following about the use of namespaces:

- Name the files names for projects, forms, modules and classes ROOT_<USER-DEFINED IN ALL CAPS>

- Name property names of projects, modules, forms, and classes, as well as IDs for forms and items ROOT_<USER-DEFINED IN ALL CAPS

Our SBO addon uses soms assemblies of an existing product. Do we have to change the name of these assemblies and all the class names,... ? Because this existing product has nothing to do with SBO we don't want to change all classnames, projects, assembly files, namespaces,...

If we want to certify our SBO addon do we have to follow the rules about the namespaces also for .NET development.

What about the use of external modules like Crystal reports, ...? We can not change those names,...