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Dec 19, 2006 at 12:58 AM

Warning Msg during RRI


When I'm trying to jump from a source report to target query via RRI, i get a warning msg (thought the query runs). I want to supress the msg.

I tried supressing the msg in source query, target query and both of them together. Still the msg is being displayed. Where do I need to supress the msg if its during RRI process?

The variable and the hierarchies being used for cost center is the same in both the queries. Any thoughts?

Error msg:

Invalid filter on 0COSTCENTER: Filter changed

Message no. BRAIN502


You tried to filter on a characteristic with active presentation

hierarchy by a node of another hierarchy.

This can only be done by switching the hierarhcy or for example by using

the report/report interface.

System Response

The filter is not evaluated for the characteristic, but removed instead.


Procedure for System Administration