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Dec 18, 2006 at 04:23 PM

How to determine line number on Table control in BDC



I am uploading changes for CG02 using BDC. I have to change data to specification type which are listed in a table control having some of the fields as IDCAT, IDTYPE, LANG, ORD, IDENT etc.

For a particular substance number, there can be variable number of idtypes. Since there were 8 Idtypes already created for the substance number I was working with while recording and I created 9th Idtyep(Z_SARADOT#) while recording (Using SHBD), I am getting the code like ...'ESTRI-IDTYPE(09)....ESTRI-IDCAT(09).....'RCGRIIOT-IDENT(09)' which indicate that while recording, the values were added on 9th line of table control.

Now this line number can vary for other substance number. How can I know

(1) The last line of table control

(2) Line number based on Value of field

Example - here I want to know line number corresponding to IDTYPE Z_SARADOT# if it was created so that I can change the value of field IDENT of the table control.

The piece of code I got after recording is:

perform bdc_field using 'ESTRI-IDTYPE(09)'


perform bdc_field using 'ESTRI-IDCAT(09)'


perform bdc_field using 'RCGRIIOT-IDENT(09)'


Please help friends.

Thanks & Regards,