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Dec 18, 2006 at 07:18 AM

Workflow Redesign



I have to redesign my workflow .

Existing Design

This Workflow is for Blocked Invoices where the blocking reason can be due to price,qantity etc(some 6 reasons) .

The invoice can be blocked due to all 6 reasons also.Now my workflow is designed where i have put a fork with 6 branches (each branch for a particular reason) .And for a particular reason a multistep work item is sent to all the buyers for that particular invoice. Eg For a particular Invoice a workitem can be sent to a Buyer1 for the Reason of Price and also to another Buyer2 for the reason of Quantity.This Workitem opens a dashbord where a buyer can forward this workitemto a clerk or he himself can make a decision.

Suppose Buyer1(Diff in Price) forwards workitem to clerk1 to cancel the invoice.

Buyer2 (Diff in Quantity) forwards it to clerk2 to make some changes in the Invoice.

So for the Same Invoice 2 Different Suggestions are goin to the clerk.

Now I need to redesign my workflow where the workitems go to the clerks only after all the Buyers have given thier comments .

How do i go about this ?