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Show length inbetween double with condition


After doing some research (in which I didn't find what I was looking for) I've decided to ask my question right here.

I have a DataBase containing Users. These users have ID. To these users it might happen some event (sickness, vacation, ...) which have a starting and an ending date.

However, in some cases, an event ending date can change. For example in case of sickness, someone who is supposed to be sick 2 days, but in fact it goes wrong and he won't be able to come back until 1 week. In these case, here is what I have in my request :
ID : AAA --- Start : 01/01/2016 --- End : 02/01/2016
ID : AAA --- Start : 01/01/2016 --- End : 08/01/2016

And when I want to know, how many days this user with this ID was away, I'll just summ all of the line, and he will counted as 2 + 7 days, instead of only 7 days.

In this example, it only appear once but an event ending date can move multiple time, if he break his leg when he's sick for example, another line will appear :

ID : AAA --- Start : 01/01/2016 --- End : 25/01/2016

Then, I want to find a solution for the problem :
-We seek in the event list when the ID and Start Date are the same. When this is the case, we seek the one with the most distant Ending Date: in this line we write the length of the time away, in the other one we write 0. And we do this for everytime we see at least 2 line with the same ID and Start Date.
-For the other Event in which ID and Start Date only occur once, we write the length in the line.

I know the idea, but I don't know how to do it on BO.

Thank you for your help and sorry for any mistake I made, English isn't my main language.

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