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Dec 18, 2006 at 05:29 AM

Abap Report Performance


One of our abap report is extremely slow, this report is used by all

branches of our company

and we are facing serious performance problem in this report. I have

analyzed the problem

and noted following things.

1) The report used "BSIS" table for a query.

2) In peak times it is observed lot of IO wait is happening on that

particular report and on

"BSIS" table.

3) After analysis of table BSIS it is noted that table has more than 12

million records and

exceeding table class limit in technical setting of tables.

4) Size of table is 4 GB.

5) Table also does not have other indexes apart from one composite PK-

unique index. This

index is composed of 9 fields.

6) Update Stats is has been taken in 10 minutes of BSIS~0.

We are closely analyzing code and where clause of our report.

I want to ask do we need other indexes specially on DATE field which is

not included in

existing index?

Do we need index rebuild as stats are gathered in 10 minutes which is

quite a long time in

my opinion?

Do we need table partition right now as BSIS has 12 million records and

4 GB of size ?

Best Regards