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Dec 17, 2006 at 06:18 PM

Need 2 Multiline elements for user decision step


We are on SAP R/3 Enterprise version.

I have this requirement to find agents based on the agent type and work center field. So I created a responsibility rule for each type of agent type. The responsibility rule is keyed on the work center, and HR positions are mapped to each responsibility rule’s work center field.

We have 50 agent types/responsibility rules, 60 work centers, and 1 or more positions for each agent type and work center combinations. Due to the total number of positions, I prefer to use 1 responsibility rule per agent type for ease of maintenance.

I have a FM that reads the responsibility rule based on the agent type and work center field and retrieve the agent_list. I used this FM/method/step prior to my user decision step and pass the agent_list to the UD step via container.

In my user decision step, the ‘Other’ tab does not have Multiline element for me to enter my agent_list. So I cannot use &agent_list[&_WF_PARFOREACH_INDEX&]& in my user decision agent assignment expression field.

In my last job, we have SAP ECC 5.0, the UD step has a ‘Misc’ tab that has Multiline element, but our current SAP R/3 Enterprise version does not have ‘Misc’ tab, it only has ‘Other’ tab.


1. How do I use a multiline container element (agent_list defined as multiline of RHOBJECTS-OBJECT) in the agent assignment?

2. How do I use [&_WF_PARFOREACH_INDEX&] without Multiline element for agent_list in UD step?

3. I have to use the same way to retrieve my LED_agent_list as well, so I need 2 Multiline elements in my UD step. But normally in ‘Other’ tab, it allows you to define only 1 Multiline element. How do I get around this restriction?

4. My last resort is to use 1 responsibility rule, then I can use the rule in the agent assignment. If that is the case, is there any limit on the number of entries in the rule?