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Dec 17, 2006 at 02:58 PM

ALV issue: method DATA_CHANGED called twice



I have implemented my own F4 for my ALV and now I get a problem since my DATA_CHANGED method is called BEFORE I change the cell content AND AFTER and this causes problems in my logic.

There is a demo program in SLIS ("BCALV_EDIT_03") but they use the default F4 that comes from the DDIC.

Another issue is that their MT_GOOD_CELLS always have the last cell that was changed, while my MT_GOOD_CELLS have all the cell I changed from previous visits to DATA_CHNAGED.

For example I change the value of FieldA and I visit the MY_DATA_CHANGED method and MT_GOOD_CELLS have 1 record with data on FieldA.

Than I change FieldB and when I visit MY_DATA_CHANGED method the MT_GOOD_CELLS have 2 record: 1 with data on FieldA and 1 with data on FieldB.

Any help will be appreciated.