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Former Member
Dec 16, 2006 at 11:11 PM

Interactive forms Error


Hi Friends,

I tried to do a sample interactive forms tutorial. Things are working fine till deployment. If i try to run this application by right-clicking on the application -> Deploy new archive and run it throws a runtime exception: ADS Render Exception occured. Append "sap-wd-errorPdf=true" to the URL and access the application once again. This time you will get an error PDF. Save the error PDF on the file system. This is a helpful attachment in case of an OSS message.Processing exception during a "UsageRights" operation.

Request start time: Sat Dec 16 18:07:31 EST 2006

com.adobe.ProcessingError: Invalid Document right FormRights::Online

Exception Stack Trace:

com.adobe.ProcessingError: Invalid Document right FormRights::Online

at com.adobe.UsageRights.execute(Unknown Source)

at com.adobe.BaseADSRequest.doWork(Unknown Source)

at com.adobe.AdobeDocumentServicesWorker.execute(Unknown Source)


What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance.