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Dec 16, 2006 at 03:23 AM

Using Kerberos Authentication for Single Sign-On


As we all know that ISproxy is getting ready to not be support on SAP Web AS due to MS not want to support anymore So this lead to SSO in Kerberos KRB5 space. I have implemented kerberos on other J2EE container such weblogic and websphere etc. Krb 5 required logon module, Krb5.ini or con (windows or unix), and Keytab files. Depending what ever direction that you choice Unix or Windows KDC. It seems I have bee successful on Windows platform due that everyone is already loging from window client(xp or profession client workstation). Krb5 it a lot more reliable compared to Krb4. Orginal developed from MIT. My reason to posting to open up sso dialog. Have anyone implement Kerberos on SAP Web AS?