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Apr 25, 2017 at 09:56 AM

Change quantity on Sales order with IDOC ORDCHG



I have been trying to get a sales order change through using the above idoc. The idoc is passed into SAP and processes correctly according to WE05, but when I check the sales order the quantity has not changed.

I ran it through WE19 and the quantity is not updated, So far I have the following fields set

E!EDK01 action 004 BSART to the order type (though why I can't imagine) and BELNR to the order number

E1EDK02 QUALF 002 (though I would have thought 018 but the idoc fails), BELNR and POSNR

E1EDP02 POSEX, ACTION 002 MENGE to new quantity and MATNR_LONG to material number (>18 chars)

E1EDP19 QUALF 002 KTEXT material description IDTNR_LONG to material number - Though why I need this I will never know but it doesn't seem to process the IDoc without it.

Any help would be appreciated, I've looked at the other threads and nothing seems to work. I don't know if I'm missing the point here and that the quantity is in the wrong place for change bit It surely cannot be that hard to change the quantity on a sales order.....