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Former Member
Dec 15, 2006 at 09:42 PM

No more confirmations expected


Hi All

We are using SRM in Extended Classic Scenario. Business requirement is to check the "No more confirmations expected" flag at the item level in the PO.

I set this flag for a PO item and re-order the PO. When I come back to the PO, I dont see the flag checked anymore. The status of the flag is not being maintained.

I was wondering if anyone has seen this kind of behaviour in the past?

Ex. to epxlain the issue:

Buyer creates a PO for 100 units @ 1 USD. One confirmation is created against this PO for 50 units @1 USD. Later on the buyer comes to know that this PO item wont be confirmed any further. So he goes to the PO item details of this PO in the Statistics menu and checks the "No further confirmations expected" flag and re-orders the PO.

When the buyer comes back to check this PO, he sees that the flag has not been checked anymore.

I will appreciate your response on the above.


Amol Mate