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Dec 15, 2006 at 05:05 PM

Web Dynpro CO, input and output parameters



I've made a Web Dynpro DC (implements GP interface) with UI form. The form has a lot of input fields, about 20. In NWDS I've declared those fields in controller and view contexts, and in code in getDescription() method I've declared all of them as input params, and as output params, too.

This form has to be submitted: if data is OK, it's given to the next CO, which is a Web service. Otherwise user is returned to the form to fill it correctly.

I thought that input params in DC are needed for the case when data is not OK, and the user gets returned to the form again.

The scenario is: user starts process, and sees the UI, then fills and submits the form.

But it seems user has to enter input params every time after he has started process, but before the UI was shown! He should enter that data directly in UI, not in process preparation form!!

Looks like I didn't understand the essence of in/out params correctly. What is the correct meaning of those?

What should be done to make user enter data only in UI, not before it?