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Frequently asked questions regarding the Real Time Consolidation S/4HANA part

Real Time Consolidation (or BPC Consolidation 10.1 for NetWeaver Embedded Mode Optimized for S/4HANA) was first released in Oct. 2016. It hasattracted many interests to this new generation consolidation solution. Customers might have many questions during implementation, especially to the product concept part of the new developed Consolidation Foundation in S/4HANA. In below lists some often-asked questions and answers, many will be added with time being.

Q1: Is Central Finance mandatory to implement the Real Time Consolidation?

Answer: Central Finance is optional for Real Time Consolidation solution. The base of Real Time Consolidation is most subsidiaries financial documents are in a central S/4HANA system which provides source data for consolidation. This could either be the case that those subsidiaries are using S/4HANA Accounting solution in this central S/4 HANA system or those subsidiaries financial documents are real time replicated to S/4HANA via Central Finance.

Q2: Version relevant settings: What is the use of consolidation ledger and how the configuration might be?

Answer: Ledger represents a full set of financial data under a specific accounting principle. To support multi accounting principle, you could setup multi ledger and map the consolidation ledger with accounting ledgers.

Sample Business Case: Group company A need to create both IFRS and US GAAP reports, there are postings are common for both GAAP, and some postings are only relevant to one GAAP.

Sample Configuration:

a. In accounting, 3 ledgers are setup, L1 is base ledger for common posting, L2 is for IFRS relevant adjustment only, L3 is for US GAAP only

b. In Consolidation, consolidation ledger 2 ledgers are created, C1 is mapped to L1 plus L2, C2 is mapped to L1 plus L3

c. In consolidation, CDs view is used to on the fly aggregate the accounting financial data for consolidation. Therefore, a foundation CDs view should be created or be copied from sample delivered foundation view to decide which fields are needed from universal journal for consolidation. In foundation CDs view, you need to fix which accounting ledgers are used for data provision. In our sample case, two foundation CDs view should be created, one to fix the ledgers as L1 and L2, one to fix the ledgers as L1 and L3.

d. Consolidated and Translated data is written to S4 with consolidation ledger.

e. when drill through the data to original accounting documents, ledger mapping info. will be used to find the proper data.

In summary, the consolidation ledger technically is used to differentiate the consolidation data

by accounting principle and to drill through to original accounting documents by using mapping info. to accounting ledgers.

Q3: Version relevant settings: What is the use of Variant?

Answer: Variant in S/4 is used to differentiate the data release processes. Right now, the solution provides two different processes: with data release or without data release. In future, we might deliver more process variants.

Q4: Could I use the transaction data spread in several clients in S/4 for Real Time Consolidation?

Answer: Theoretically the solution right now doesn’t support multi clients’ data because it is hard to guarantee the data consistency. If customers have such request, they could apply the data filter logic in foundation CDs view.

Q5: Could I install the S/4HANA and BPC 10.1 for NetWeaver Embedded mode on separate instance?

Answer: Not suggested as this setup might have performance issue for remote HANA view (or CDs view), which is used to integrate the S/4HANA and BPC.

Q6: Can I directly use the standard delivered sample foundation view for my project implementation?

Answer: Not suggested, because the sample view is under /SAP/ERP package, customer might have auth. issue and the sample view might be overwritten by SAP new released delivery.

Suggest to copy the sample view to own package.

Q7: Could I assign multi profit centers to one consolidation entity?

Answer: Not supported yet.

Q8: How could I consolidate on planning data?

Answer: Customer could store the planning data in a physical cube, then integrate this physical cube to composite provider which is used for BPC consolidation model.

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4 Answers

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    May 26, 2017 at 07:14 AM

    Thanks for the information.

    How about loading legacy data in RTC ACDOCC table. If client want to load Consolidated data for previous period Eg:

    RTC Go live will be Period 2017.001

    Previous Period legacy data Period 2016.001 , 2016.012 are required to load for reporting purpose so client get comparative view when they execute P2017.001 report.

    RTCFU - Flexible upload doesn't contain all fields specially CONS GROUP.. in such case how to load legacy data into ACDOCC ?

    Also client has customize field Eg: Segment, Distribution Channel (/ERP object are not used - these are customize object in ACDOCA) how to bring those customize fields also in ACDOCC for legacy data?

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    Former Member
    Jul 18, 2017 at 04:42 AM
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    Former Member
    Oct 11, 2017 at 09:57 PM

    Is it possible to have BPC real time consolidation and S/4 HANA to be in two separate clients? How will it know which master data and transaction data it needs to run while running the consolidation engine?

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    Former Member
    Jan 03, 2018 at 08:51 PM


    I think I have a scenario related to question 2, I'm not sure of step C where you mention that you should make a copy of the CDS for each consolidation Ledger, I have some doubts:

    1. Is this a standard procedure?
    2. How could the copy of a CDS be related to the model created in the RTCMD transaction?
    3. Would you need to make any changes to consolidation PAKs so that you can use the copy of that CDS?

    I asked a question where I detail the scenario in which I am, I thank you very much for your support. (

    Regards and Thanks!

    Dan V.

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