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Dec 15, 2006 at 09:51 AM

SSO: Enterprise-Portal -> ASP.Net-App (URLIView) -> SAP R/3



i want to implement the following scenario: I have an enterprise portal (NW2004s SP10), an 2.0 application (implemented without the SAP.NET-PDK) and a SAP R/3 system (Solution-Manager 4.0 SP8). Now i want to establish Single-Sign-On between these three systems. The user should be able to access the portal, navigate to the URLIView containing the ASP.Net application and access some functions of the ASP.Net application that display information from the SAP R/3 system by entering his username and password only once.

I already implemented the following parts:

- Single-Sign-On between the Portal and the SAP R/3 (SAP-Transaction-IView)

- Single-Sign-On between the Portal and the ASP.NET-Application (Ticket-Toolkit)

- Connecting the ASP.NET-Application and SAP R/3 (SAP.Net-Connector)

The Portal generates the MYSAPSSO2 ticket that is verified inside my ASP.Net-Application. Now i want to connect to the R/3 system using the SAP.Net-Connector. Is it possible to authenticate users using the MYSAPSSO2 ticket? The Portal is already trusted by the R/3 System.