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Dec 15, 2006 at 09:04 AM

Transaction termination 00 158 ( )


Today in SM21 i found many of this error log (almost 200-250 logs)

08:04:27 DIA 01 D01 Transaction termination 00 158 ( )

08:04:27 DIA 01 R68 Perform rollback

08:04:27 DIA 01 R68 Perform rollback

Documentation for system log message D0 1 :

The transaction has been terminated. This may be caused by a

termination message from the application (MESSAGE Axxx) or by an

error detected by the SAP System due to which it makes no sense to

proceed with the transaction. The actual reason for the termination

is indicated by the T100 message and the parameters.

Additional documentation for message 00 158

User is locked. Please notify the person responsible

No documentation exists for message 00158

I checked SUIM but there are few and old locked user

Anyone knows what's the reason?