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Dec 15, 2006 at 05:25 AM

Page can not be displayed



I have in detail listed down some of the problems that we are facing in our project. I request you to please go through this long and detailed mail and assist me in resolving the issues.

1. Facing a problem regarding host name which gets displayed on the title bar of an Internet Explorer (IE).

We have installed cFolders on a different server than SRM (internal host name for cFolders: During bid processing when bidder clicks on the collaboration bid invitation link from bid invitation, it connects to cFolders server. At this time it displays internal host name on the title bar of IE on collaboration web page ( As per security concerns, internal host name should not be exposed to external users. Instead, it should have an external host name (i.e. at the same place.

We have raised an OSS message for this problem. SAP has replied the following message

”<b>To solve this problem you can define an External Host name for your used ALIAS in transaction SICF, which connect to your internal Hostname.

But please note, if you need help to define an ALIAS like this, you should contact our Remote Consulting Team (XX-RC). This is not an error, this is a consulting issue</b>.”

As SAP suggested, we have created the required virtual host in SICF. We have also created the required virtual host in J2EE engine since we are facing the same problem for LAC too. In SICF transaction under virtual host we have created required services and aliases. Please find attached the document “internal host name.doc” for the screen shots.

Please suggest us how to call the services collaboration and LAC from SRM server by using virtual host name.

2. Problems from external access (outside of CLP network):

We have published URL ( for internet users, which will hit the ISA server first. At ISA server we have opened only HTTPS port. We have activated the link translator which converts external URL to internal URL ( at ISA server and we can access the SRM application without any problem. Once we access the SRM application, we get a collaboration link on the browser. This link tries to access the cFolders application with internal host name (, which we have not mapped at ISA server. At ISA server, we have opened only HTTPS port and not the HTTP port. Hence we are getting the error “Page can not be displayed”.

Please suggest what configuration is required to be done in order to access the collaboration and LAC applications from SRM application. How mapping should be done at ISA server? How to maintain the virtual host names at DNS server?

3. If we maintain the virtual host name ( instead of original host name of the RFC connection from SRM to ETD (cProjects server), SSO will not be possible for the intranet users, because intranet users are accessing the SRM application by using the URL From SRM application we are trying to access the collaboration and LAC by using the URL ( In this scenario, since domain name is not matching, SSO will not be possible as it considering them as two different domains.

For reference please see below message which has been updated by SAP (Live Auction Cockpit Single Sign-On Problem (0000791479/2006)

25.08.2006 - 12:12:57 CET SAP Reply

”What are these hosts "" and ""If you want the SSO to work you have to use computers with common

DNS domain root. The SSO cookie is issued per DNS domain and will

not be transered to any host from different domain (see


Please provide me the source of the smoketest.jsp (IE->View->Source).

I have uploaded an updated version of the diagnostic tool please use

unzip it in a separate folder, copy the modified version of

"remote_traces_shanpshot.conf" from the older version and repeat the

last test that you have executed.”

Also, we have installed SSL certificate at cFolders server with CN= So the host name in the URL and the name on the certificate should match.

Request you to suggest a way forward to achieve the same. Looking forward to your support and assistance.

Thanks and regards