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Dec 14, 2006 at 07:08 PM

0EC_PCA_3 cumulative balance issue



I am using 0ec_pca_1/3/4 extractors and loading into the same cube via ODS.

We need to get cumulative balances for every week ,for the inventory accounts.

We have the folloing constraint for 0EC_PCA_3 extractor

<b>The extract structure does not contain the BALANCE field. To get the inventory for balance sheet account, 0BALANCE can be filled in BW in den updating rules. For further information, see note 577644.</b>

In the notes ,they have a fix saying to write the code in the start rotuine. The code takes each transaction and add to the cube with the periods leftover in that fiscal year.

<b>For eg: If we have a transaction in 006/2006 ,it adds 10 more records 1 for 007/2006. 1 for 008/2006... and goes on upto 016/2006. 12 periods are regular periods and 4 are spl. periods.</b>

In R/3 we will be having 2 million records every month so when we load the data it comes to 20 million avg which is very high.For 1 yr it will be upto 300 million records

Can you please help me in this regard, how to get the cumlative balance with out repeating the records?