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Former Member
Dec 14, 2006 at 06:09 PM

Financial statement planning / Investment planning business content


Dear all,

Has anyone actually been able to make any of the standard business content for these areas work? The content has been there for 6 years but still creates innumerable headaches. I have managed to install the BC for e.g. financial statement planning based on cube 0SEM_C06. I then loaded the data using program UPB_DATA_IMPORT. This unfortunately was not sufficient for the majority of folders to work as the BC data provided did not cover the majority of infoobjects and contained none of the necessary hierarchies. I worked through the optios entries and generated the MD and hierarchies manually (though of course I have none of the texts or attribute information). Despite doing all this I still find some of the functions do not work. There are short dumps e.g. where it searches for planning functions that do not exist in UPF_PLNTP.

I see no notes on these problems, no SDN forums suggesting other people have run into these problems. We are BW 2004S patch 9 so I can't believe it is a patch problem.

Have I missed something in the ATS are which affects the set up of the master data and the available functions?

I would be very grateful for any comments of success stories or otherwise.

Many thanks