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Dec 14, 2006 at 04:04 PM

Wny doesn't SQ01 recognize a legitimately "repaired" query program?


This is a followup to the questions yesterday about what to do when an old query doesn't compile in ECC5.0 because of the old hyphens in places where the UNICODE compiler wants underscores.

Working with Basis, we found a combination of account/access/key and privileges that let us successfully repair the generated program for the query. (We had to do the usual delete/insert stuff for this repair - we couldn't just "edit" in the usual way.

After this legitimate repair of the original generated code, we went to SQ01 and adjusted/generated.

Then we went to the transaction and ran it. The transaction still used the old program - the one with the hyphens in it.

Why is this happening? Why doesn't SAP use the legitimately repaired query program instead of the original program? Does the "parameter" transaction look for the generated code in a special package that we don't have access to ???? This is the only thing I can think of ... that we saved to the wrong package after we did the repair ...