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Dec 14, 2006 at 03:32 PM

BI Pattern Wizard not working


Hi, when I try to create a template in WAD using the ICP Pattern I get errors in the template.

RSWADMDERR1 169 Item not recognized; check spelling or metadata in system

RSWADMDERR1 064 Parameter not recognized; Check your metadata.

These errors are presented in a dialog box. Selecting OK brings me to the detail error messages which shows:

E001    Parameter of Object data_provider:QUERY_VIEW_DATA_PROVIDER:DP_1 unknown to system   
E165    Itemtype of Object item::DATA_DISPLAY not known   
E110    Parameter INITIAL_STATE of Object data_provider:QUERY_VIEW_DATA_PROVIDER:DP_1 cannot be parent of    
E115    Item item::DATA_DISPLAY of type cannot be parent of VISIBILITY   
E115    Item item::DATA_DISPLAY of type cannot be parent of DATA_PROVIDER_REF   
E180    Illegal Parameter value of Paramter INITIAL_STATE of Object data_provider:QUERY_VIEW_DATA_PROVIDER:DP_1

The funny thing is that the wizard didn't even ask for a data provider. has anyone got experience with this wizard in BI 7.0 that might be able to help?