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Dec 14, 2006 at 02:49 PM

how to call mmpv TCODE through BDC program.



In my requriment i have to create custom program through which i have to call mmpv TCODE, because mmpv closes period for indivisual company code and for large number of company code it is time cunsuming exercise. for that i that i have to creat custom program. it is having selection screen like below.

company code (marv-bukrs)

fiscal year of current period (marv-lfgja)

current posting period (marv-lfmon)

fiscal year of previous period (marv-vmgja)

month of previous period (marv-vmmon)

fiscal year of last periodof previous year (marv-vjgja)

last month of previoud year (marv-vjmon)

allow posting to previous year (marv-xruem)

disallow dack posting after a change of period (marv-xruev)

and output should show : company codes affected,the periods closed and the current period open for posting .and also show wheather back posting allowed / disallowed for the company code.