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Dec 14, 2006 at 12:32 PM

Methods AFTER work item execution (modal call)



I think it is a complex question. I'm trying to discovery why the workflow log is showing some red and yellow semaphoros with messages as "Cancellation of workflow or work item 24972043 failed" as yellow semaphoro on SWP_CALLBACK_WI_DONE or "Work item 000024972044: Container cannot be read" as red semaphoro on SWW_WI_CONTAINER_READ (and I think the AFTER method reads the WI status to know if it have been chenged to completed and if not I use the a standard function to replace it on workplace).

I'm think these errors are happening because I'm using or AFTER methods that take long to execute even after workitem had beem cancelled by a Terminating task that I'm using in the workflow.

I get this conclusion and I'm get out the terminating tasks that are duplicated in the workflow. I did the following: I've configured terminating events in the WF-father and in the sub-workflow too configured after a Wait for event task, that hear the same event "Cancel". So then I can "kill" this workflow.

I think that duplicating it, when one hear the event and kill the tasks and when the second terminating task try to kill others tasks it find it Logically eliminated and give me these errors.