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One company closes the deal and another company delivers... cross-company, intercompany or what?

Dear Community,

We have two companies (A and B), two sales organisations (A and B) and two plants (A and B).

"A" closes a deal in form of a Contract or Open Order or similar with a Customer. "A" can deliver or could ask "B" to deliver the material. If "B" delivers, "B" will invoice "A" with a price the cost of the material + surcharge, while "A" will invoice "Customer".

I wonder how could I find the proper solution to this scenario - first problem I face is that I don't even know how to name it properly (third-party or cross or inter company?...). Then, my 1rst QUESTION is: How would you name this scenario?

My 2nd QUESTION: How would you solve it? Down below I describe what I imagine could be a path to take, but I don't know whether it's possible to do it so or whether there's a better way of solving it.

I wonder if I could create a Sales Order related to the prior document (contract...) with sales area "A" but indicate at position level the plant "B" (triggering this way the given scenario).

The shipping point "B" would deliver and the Company "A" would invoice the "payer customer" - At this point, at the invoice, two iDOC messages could be determined: one of them would produce the sales invoice in Company "B" (and payer "A" - items value: cost + surcharge) and the purchasing invoice in Company "A".

Thanks for your help in advance,


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    Apr 24, 2017 at 04:52 PM

    I have probably misunderstood some part of the business case, because this looks like a regular cross-company sales process to me: a sales order for sales organization A with delivering plant B, you issue a F2 invoice to the end customer with pricing procedure ZVAAA1 and something like PI02 as statistical condition and for the intercompany you have IV with pricing procedure ZICAA1 which has as pricing conditions IV02 or similar as non-statistical.
    Is the end-to-end process performed in a single system or each company uses a separate system?
    The main problem is how the user will know which process should be followed on a per-case basis and select the proper delivering plant (if for the same customer/material combination both processes are applicable).
    So far, I assumed, that these two companies (A and B) are related parties. Is this correct?
    If not, then this is more like third-party order processing.

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