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Web Dynpro ABAP iView automatic height reduction issue

Hello experts,

our requirement is to display system messages (backend transaction SM02) in SAP Portal. We currently developed a simple Web Dynpro ABAP application to display the message above the Content area.

We created an iView (remote Content, type WDA) which we added to the Standard Ajax Framework Page in the "Page Toolbar Container". The application is displayed as intended below the Navigation area and above the content area.

Now the tricky part is the height of the iView: It should only consume height for the system messages present, that means if there's no message, no iView (or at least no height consumption) should be visible. If there are, say four messages, the iView should display them without scrollbar. When user checks the message as read, we want the messages (or iView) to disappear.

The default height type 'fixed' works as a fixed value but as stated is not an option. When we set the height type property of the web dynpro iView to 'automatic' it adjusts the height initially correct to the required height: It displays only one pixel of height when there is no message and if there are messages all messages without scrollbar.

Now for the issue:

When the user checks the message as read, it should disappear. Alas the iView does not resize, it keeps the initially (calculated?) height and does not shrink down, it would even display an empty Web Dynpro application. How is it possible to force the iView to resize, apparently it doesn't work as 'automatic'. I wouldn't mind dirty JavaScript.

by the way, isolation mode of iView is URL, WDSUPPORTSFULLHEIGHT parameter does not affect behaviour. Portal version is 7.4 SP14

thanks in advance

Stefan Mayer

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