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Dec 14, 2006 at 07:40 AM

Screen modification's.


Hiring Action: 1. The drop-down list for reason for hiring includes 'no reason', 'new position' and 'vacancy'. She wanted 'Additional Requirement' to replace 'no reason'.

2.On the 'Additional Personal Data' infotype, the systems accepts only 'Non-veteran' option under Veteran-status field irrespective of what is selected in Military status filed.

3.Monitoring of tasks infotype . a) In the 'Reminder date' field, the system should not display the date automatically instead should allow for manual entry. b). Changes to be made in the drop-down list for 'Task type'.

4.Date Specifications infotype

a). The dates should display automatically. Eg., the hire date should display by taking the value from infotype 0000 when hiring action is executed. Similarly, when an EE is enrolled in any benefits plan, the benefits start date should display automatically in infotype 0041.

b).Only the applicable date types should appear in the drop-down list.

5.Should the Planned Working Time infotype 0007 be included in the Hiring Action Infogroup?

6.Time Recording IType should not be in the sequence.

7.Basic Pay IType 0008.

a).Changes to be made in the drop-down list for wage types.

b).The system allows saving the entries even when an inappropriate wagetype is entered. Wage types should default or the system should generate an error message when a wrong wage type is entered.

Retirement: 1. The reasons for retirement include 'no reason' and 'early retirement'. The list should also include 'normal retirement' and 'disability retirement' and not 'no reason'. 2. Should the infogroup for Retirement include even the Bank Details infotype? In addition to the above points specific to each action that were brought up during the discussion, it was also noticed that the Tax related infotypes and Benefits infotypes are included in the infogroups. Tess opined that these infotypes should appear while executing the Payroll and Benefits follow-up actions only and not in any other action. Regarding the options in each drop-down list, she wanted to discuss about it to decide which ones are appropriate.