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Dec 14, 2006 at 01:51 AM

Regd 2 table controls


Hi SDN's

I have 2 table controls on the same screen. and a drop down list in between the 2 table controls.

the usage here is : the first table control contains <b>RFQ Line Items</b>

the 2nd contains <b>RFQ Service Line Items</b> based on <b>RFQ Line Items</b>.

the drop down contains the RFQ Line Item Numbers. Based on the RFQ Line Item selected in the Drop Down the RFQ Service Lines Items should be displayed on the 2nd table control.

Its working fine for the first time, but when i select another drop down from the LIST the table control values remain the same as that of the previous one. But i see that the internal table is being holding the new values according to the RFQ Line Item.

Please help me resolve this

Rewards for Sure