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User Handling in IOS with Platform sdk


we are playing around with IOS FIORI PLATFORM SDK. Connection to a productive Cloud User (and the service is connected via Cloud Connector to an onPremise backend system).

So far we can build an application and generate an IOS XCODE App. Ok, only with usinge the oData XML from filesystem not on-line. but okay ;-)

Ping from the application to backend is succesfully, so it should work basically?

But here are my questions or very novice questions (as it does not work).

How is the user/login handling in detail assuming my CloudPlatform User is S000xxxx (sap s-User).

Which user do i have to use for login on the ios-app ? the onPremise Backend-User? or the Cloud-User?

If i have to use the Cloud-User (that differs from the onPremise User), who is the backend connection established. what kind of SSO do we have to use? with certificates?

All the tutorials only explain connecting to some demo ES4 accounts?

When i connect with the onPremise user in the ios App, i always see in the logs an error like that

"the request to the back end failed with status 403 for request null, reason: Forbidden."

maybe there are any users that have already established successfully a connection to an onpremise backend?

Or is there any tutorial that shows a connection to an onPremise backend system ?

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